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Pork & Duck Pithiviers Pie (serves 1-2)

Pork & Duck Pithiviers Pie (serves 1-2)

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Enjoy this fine Pithiviers at home filled with a delicate pork forcemeat, duck, cranberries and foie gras wrapped in homemade pastry dough.

1 pie avg weight 5.5 oz (155 gr). *Pictures may differ from actual products*


Meat farce (pork, chicken livers, cream, chives, spices), duck, foie gras, dried cranberries in a pâte brisée (flour, butter, eggs yolks, cornstarch, water, salt).

Allergens: Gluten, Eggs, Dairy

  • Dairy_MilkContains Dairy
  • contains eggContains Eggs
  • WheatContains Gluten
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Our Pork and Duck Pithiviers has all the classic ingredients that you would expect from a Michelin-Star restaurant but can be eaten from the comfort of your own home with minimal effort!

To celebrate a special occasion or to simply enjoy an elevated meal at home, re-heat this refined pie filled with a delicate pork forcemeat, duck, cranberries and foie gras wrapped in a flaky pastry dough.

Our Moulard duck and pork pie is warmed up to perfection within 25-30 minutes. Experience the crispy and buttery outer shell when digging your fork into this delicacy offering you a hearty meat-filled inners.

This deluxe meal is sure to please a hungry dinner crowd. Slice and share with your loved ones or devour as a whole.

Is it a precooked pie? Yes, the pie is precooked and just need to be reheated in the oven.

What does Pithiviers mean? It is a round, enclosed pie usually made by baking two disks of puff pastry with a filling stuffed in between. It often has a bump and is traditionally decorated with spiral lines drawn from the top outwards with the point of a knife, and scalloping on the edge. It is named after the French town of Pithiviers, where the dish is commonly assumed to be originated.

What is the difference between Pithiviers & Tourtiere & Meat Pie? Pithiviers is round and has a bump, the meat pie and tourtiere are similar and usually bigger in size, a round pie made of meat and other ingredients. One of them is in French and the other one is English.