Dufour Gourmet

Dufour Gourmet is a family business owned by Chef Aurélien Dufour and his wife. Together, they have developed a line of the finest handmade pâtés, sausages and specialty meats to delight all food lovers’ taste buds.

Each product is handcrafted with care by Chef Aurélien using traditional French techniques and the highest quality of meats. Chef Dufour sources from local farms that respect humane animal treatment practices and have strict quality standards (i.e. they never use artificial preservatives or additives). Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality charcuterie and delicacies possible.

Chef Aurélien is committed to creating natural and authentic charcuterie and to developing
new seasonal products. The flavors and textures speak for themselves.

  • Handmade high-quality products using traditional French techniques
  • Using the best quality of meats, locally sourced and grown vegetables, seasonal
    fresh products
  • Partnering with local farms that practice humane animal treatment
  • No artificial preservatives or additives used
  • Distributing natural and authentic charcuterie and seasonal handcrafted products
  • USDA Certified Kitchen