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Jambon Blanc - Uncured Ham

Jambon Blanc - Uncured Ham

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French-style cooked ham, made from high-quality milk-fed porcelet, which will offer you a tender and tasty jambon blanc at home!

Chef Dufour is partnering with a small family farm in Canada that follows high-standard protocols to source the best quality meat. Each Parisian ham is carefully handcrafted by our team to deliver the most beautiful and delicious uncured ham possible. 

Fully cooked, Ready to eat.


Ingredients: porcelet leg, 11% brine seasoning (water, salt, sugar, spices)

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This artisanal Jambon Blanc is perfect to enjoy at home. It is fully cooked and ready to eat.  You can have it cold, at room temperature or heated it up with or without glaze.

If enjoyed at room temperature, you can slice it to pair with seasonal vegetables as a main dish, or add into a sandwich, or even cut in cubes to incorporate into vegetables poêlée, egg dish or homemade quiches.

Upon receiving, keep refrigerated. Remove from the bag and carefully wipe away the excess of cooking juice and gelatin. You can use the gelatin in a sauce or just discard it.

Since it was cooked in a net to hold it together, please remove it before slicing or re-heating. 

1. What is jambon blanc?
In France, "jambon blanc" refers to a type of cooked ham. It's typically made from high-quality pork and is known for its tender texture and subtle flavor. It is also called “Jambon de Paris”.
"Jambon" translates to "ham" in English. So, jambon blanc essentially refers to "white ham" in French, denoting its pale color compared to other types of ham.

2. Is jambon blanc cooked?
Yes, our jambon blanc is fully cooked and ready to eat. Our artisanal Parisian ham is meticulously prepared and cooked to perfection following French techniques, ensuring a smooth texture and delicate flavor, ready for your enjoyment straight out of the package.

3. What type of ham is a jambon?
Jambon blanc is a type of cooked ham. Ours is made from milk-fed porcelet sourced from a small family farm in Canada, ensuring the highest quality and delicious taste. Other type of jambon are for example the cured ones such as Jambon de Bayonne, Jambon de Pays, Iberico, Serrano Jamon, etc

4. How should I eat or prepare Jambon Blanc?
Since it is already cooked and ready to serve, you can enjoy it as is by cutting thin slices to pair with seasonal vegetables as a main dish. You can also cut it in cubes to add to quiches or egg dishes. It's a very popular choice for sandwiches, salads, and various culinary creations due to its versatility and delightful flavor profile. Finally, you can reheat it in the oven to make a beautiful and tasty glazed ham.