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Mousse Duo Gift Box

Mousse Duo Gift Box

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Curated for the mousse lovers, this gift box offers you the duo of our Classic and Truffle Chicken Liver Mousses. Based on an authentic French recipe, those light and tasty mousses are the perfect spread for any special occasions! 

Make it extra special by adding our Spreading Opinel Knife!

Includes 2 terrines (avg weight 7 oz each). 


  • Chicken Liver Mousse: chicken livers, duck fat, egg, shallots, salt, port wine, spices, celery powder. Allergens: Eggs
  • Truffle Mousse: chicken livers, duck fat, egg, black truffle, shallots, salt, port wine, spices, celery powder. Allergens: Eggs
  • contains eggContains Eggs
  • Pork freePork Free
  • Antibiotic freeAntibiotic Free
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Indulge in the rich and buttery flavor of chicken livers with this Mousses Duo Gift Box.

Made from classic French recipes, those delicacies are light, elegant, and perfect for any special occasion. Ready to serve, your guest can enjoy it right out of the package.

Please see individual product page for further information on nutrition.

Is chicken liver mousse the same as pâté/terrine? 
Chicken liver mousse is a bit different than a pâté. Typically, the mousse is made with livers from chicken, duck and pork and is finely mixed (emulsion) which offers a lighter and airier texture. Our mousse is made with fresh ingredients and no added fillers, giving it a rich and buttery flavor.

What does Truffle Mousse taste like? 
Truffle Mousse has a rich buttery flavor that is perfectly complemented by the creaminess of the chicken liver. The addition of black truffle gives it a bold and distinctive taste that is sure to delight your taste buds.

What to pair with Truffle Mousse? How do I serve chicken liver mousse?
It is ready to serve so you can enjoy it right out of the package. Truffle Mousse pairs well with fresh bread or baguette slices or placed on little toasted bread to pair with a glass of champagne or a full-bodied red wine. It is an excellent ingredient to serve at a party, or to enjoy as a snack at home or out on a picnic.

What is Black Truffle? 
Black truffles are a type of edible fungus that grows underground. It is also known as the "black diamond of cuisine", and is mostly commonly found in France, Italy, and Spain. It is a very expensive product that is used to perfume and enhance dishes.

Is chicken liver mousse healthy? 
While chicken liver mousse is high in protein and nutrients, it is also high in fat and calories. As with all indulgences, it should be enjoyed in moderation as part of a balanced diet.