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Pâté en Croûte with Pistachios

Pâté en Croûte with Pistachios

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One of the most famous charcuterie products in France.

A classic, beautiful and tasty pâté topped with a flavorful gelée and baked in a homemade pâte brisée (pastry dough) to enjoy as an appetizer or to serve as a main with a side salad.

Avg weight 1.4 lb, Ready to serve. Shelf life: 10 days (fragile item to consume rapidly).

Awarded at the International Pâté-Croûte Competition 


Pork, chicken livers, duck foie gras, pistachios, black truffle peelings, cream, egg, salt, pepper, spices, nitrites. Pastry dough: flour, butter, eggs yolks, cornstarch, water, salt.

Allergens: Dairy, Eggs, Nuts (pistachios), Gluten

  • Contains Eggs
  • Contains Pistachios
  • Dairy_MilkContains Dairy
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Introducing Pâté en Croûte - a beautiful, delicate and classic charcuterie item from France. Opportunity doesn’t knock often, so seize this chance to experience authentic French cuisine.

Perfect for any foodies' gatherings, this delectable pâté is made using a unique combination of pork, chicken livers and foie gras – all generously seasoned. The forcemeat is then enhanced with pistachios before being cooked in a homemade pastry dough.

Our refined delicacy is quite fragile so we recommend ordering it a few days prior your event, and it makes 12-14 slices so it's ready to satisfy large groups or become the star of your dinner table. And here’s the best part: this pâté en croûte recipe often changes per the season so it guarantees you an excitingly new flavor every time!

Don't miss out on reliving centuries of culinary heritage - place an order for Pâté en Croûte today!

What is the shelf life of Pâté en Croûte ? Around 10 days in its original vacuum packaging. Once opened, please consume within 3 days (oxidation may appear on the cut slice).

What are the reheating instructions? Pâté en Croûte is an item meant to be enjoyed at room temperature. It is fully cooked and ready to serve.

What is a Pâté en Croûte? It is a traditional dish made with ground meat that is gently wrapped in a pastry dough and baked. In the Middle-Ages, visuals of pâté en croûte were seen on buffets but the crust was only used to preserve the forcemeat inside. In the 13th century, small meat pâtés were sold in the Paris area, mainly coarsely ground. At the Renaissance, the meat used was finely ground and the crust became edible. Sadly, this beautiful and delicate product has been wrongfully neglected and misjudged for many years.  Fortunately, in the last decade, many young talented charcutiers and young chefs have started to revive this ancient specialty. It even has its own World Cup Championship where Chef Dufour was awarded in 2015.