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Pork Breakfast x 50Cut

Pork Breakfast x 50Cut

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Made with milk-fed pork, 50Cut mushrooms roots and mushrooms, butcher black pepper, and fresh herbs

A pack includes 12 links (avg weight 1.3 lb).

What is 50Cut?

This is a blend of mushroom roots and mushrooms locally grown in the Hudson Valley, NY to create great-tasting ingredients for culinary professionals (including blue oysters, lion’s mane and king trumpets). 

50CUT, by Mush Food, is a unique line of chef-crafted mushroom root (mycelium) products that seamlessly blend with ground meat or poultry for a delicious, juicy, sustainable, and nutritional culinary experience.

Dufour has partnered with Mush Food to create four kinds of sausages that are each made of 70% meat (milk-fed pork or poultry) and 30% premium mushroom roots, with no artificial preservatives or additives.  We’re proud to offer a one-of-a-kind flavor and taste experience.

Learn more about 50CUT and Mush Food here.


pork, mushroom roots and mushrooms, herbs, salt, butcher black pepper, white pepper, spices, maple syrup

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