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Saucisson Sec - French-Style Salami

Saucisson Sec - French-Style Salami

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French-style salami seasoned with black pepper, garlic and white wine. A delicious snack and a must on your charcuterie board!

Net weight 7 oz, Aged for about 4 weeks.


Pork, salt, sugar, white wine, garlic, black pepper, potassium nitrate, lactic acid starter culture in beef casing.

  • PorkContains Pork
  • Made in USAMade in USA
  • Wheat freeGluten Free
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Indulge in the flavors of France with Dufour Gourmet's Saucisson Sec - French-style dry Salami.

Made with high-quality pork meat and natural beef casing, this dry-cured sausage is seasoned with a blend of fresh garlic, black pepper, and white wine. The curing process takes about four weeks, ensuring a delicious, complex flavor with an excellent balance of salt and spices.

Our Saucisson Sec Salami is hand-tied and cured for an authentic French taste. Perfect for a snack or as part of an antipasti platter.

Whether you're a charcuterie enthusiast or just looking for a delicious snack, our Saucisson Sec Salami is sure to impress. It pairs perfectly with a baguette and a variety of cheeses, making it a versatile addition to any charcuterie and cheese boards.

Ways to Savor it:

  • Slice it thin and serve on a charcuterie board with cheeses, crackers, and fruits
  • Use it as a topping for pizza or flatbreads for a savory twist
  • Add it to pasta dishes or salads for an extra layer of flavor

Saucisson Sec Salami is a classic French staple that will elevate any meal or snack. With its delicious taste and high-quality ingredients, it's a must-try for anyone who loves cured meats. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience this French delicacy, once you try it, you will ask for more! – click "Add to Cart" now.

What is saucisson?
Saucisson is a type of French dry cured sausage mostly often made from select cuts of pork, seasoned with various herbs, nuts, and spices. It's characterized by its rich flavor and distinct texture, often enjoyed as a popular snack in France and across Europe. Typically served sliced at room temperature as an appetizer or part of a charcuterie board, saucisson comes in different varieties, each offering unique regional tastes and artisanal blends.

Can you get saucisson sec in the US?
Yes, you can get saucisson in the United States! At, we offer our saucisson sec salami for purchase online. Order now and enjoy a delicious taste of France at home!

Is saucisson sec the same as salami?
Saucisson sec and salami are both cured sausages. Saucisson sec is a type of salami that is typically made with ground pork meat and spices. Other countries and regions across Europe make their own traditional varieties of salami.

What is the difference between saucisson and saucisson sec?
Saucisson is a broad term that refers to a few types of sausage in French cuisine, while saucisson sec specifically refers to a dry-cured sausage that is typically made with pork meat and spices. Saucisson sec is also called saucisse sèche, whereas a saucisson can be a cooked fresh sausage like the Saucisson de Lyon (with pistachios) or the classic Saucisson à l'Ail (with garlic).

Is saucisson sec ready to eat?
Yes! Our saucisson sec salami is fully cured and aged for about 4 weeks, making it the perfect texture to consume. Simply peel the beef casing before slicing or keep it on, it is a natural casing, so it is truly up to you! And enjoy it as a fancy snack or as part of a charcuterie board. After opening, refrigerate any leftover saucisson sec.

What is the white powder around the salami?
As a salami ages, it develops mold, which helps keep the casing hydrated. Mold can appear blue, grey, green, white or tan, and is perfectly natural. We recommend that you peel the casing before consuming.