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Pork Green Chorizo Sausage

Pork Green Chorizo Sausage

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A flavorful pork sausage made with roasted poblano peppers, serrano chili peppers, cilantro and parsley which will give the spicy kick you are looking for!

A pack includes 4 links (avg weight 1 Ib)


Pork, poblano pepper, parsley, cilantro, chili serrano, salt, garlic, pepper, cayenne pepper in natural hog casing.

  • Nitrates freeNitrates & Nitrites Free
  • Antibiotic freeAntibiotic Free
  • Preservatives_FreePreservatives Free
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Enjoy a spicy Green Chorizo sausage bursting with flavors.

Made of all-natural pork, Chef Dufour adds cilantro and parsley to the mix and most importantly the serrano chilis and poblano peppers are charred to add a slight smoky flavor.

We love it grilled to enjoy as is, in a sandwich or it is also delicious sliced on a taco.


How should I cook this sausage? The pork green Chorizo sausage can be cooked in a variety of ways. It is delicious when grilled or fried in a pan on medium-high heat for 5-10 minutes, until cooked throughout.