7 Best Gourmet Food Online

You can indulge in the luxurious and opulent experience of fine-dining from the comfort of your own home with our best online gourmet food picks! Even with basic cooking skills, you can still order pre-cooked or ready-to-serve gourmet food online. There is an abundance of specialty meals available on the internet, encompassing a wide range of cuisines you can select from to suit your tastes and preferences.  While some of these premium-food edibles may not be found in your local supermarket, you can reach them with just a click on your phone or any connected device.  In short, any specialty food you can think of is now at your disposal.

Purchasing food online offers a convenient solution, especially if the offerings at your local convenience store are not able to satisfy your tastebuds. For those of you who are on a strict diet, online food shopping is particularly useful, since it enables you to filter out your selections based on your dietary restrictions. In our fast-paced world, people have busy and tight schedules, thereby the ability of ordering food online is a valuable resource and a beneficial asset. 

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Online Food Buying

The act of purchasing food online remains a popular and probably a crucial choice due to its convenience. The availability of the internet and multiple grocery delivery apps has greatly facilitated online food buying. Furthermore, after the world was struck by the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers resorted to online buying as a safer method to buy groceries, food and daily necessities.  Those delivery services offer a wide variety of products that you probably won’t be able to find at your local store.

Examples of edibles that you can order online are fish like smoked salmon and fish-derived products like fish oils, butter, baked goods, pantry staples, coconut milk, sweet treats, cheeses, and more. Some foods spoil so fast and hence should be shipped fast so make sure you will be home to retrieve your package.

Best Online Gourmet Food

From accompaniments and pork-free meals to Foie Gras and chicken sausages, there is a wide selection of great food for you to shop from at Dufour Gourmet. Our menu boasts a selection of expertly curated meats prepared by Chef Aurélien Dufour who makes high-quality products out of fresh meats from local farmers.

Dufour Gourmet is thrilled to offer some of the best French gourmet online, such as Pork-Duck Pithiviers, Saucisson de Lyon and many more traditional French foods.

Chef Aurélien Dufour uses premium ingredients to impart his personal touch to French cuisine and create ready-to-eat or pre-cooked products. If not to be consumed instantly, all meals should be refrigerated in order to preserve their freshness and edibility. Specialty meats from Dufour Gourmet contain no preservatives or antibiotics. 

In this article we highlight the best French online gourmet foods. 


This mouthwatering item is a freshly cooked pork sausage with pistachios and spices in a natural casing. You can enjoy it at room temperature as a snack or reheat it with an assortment of vegetables or your favorite salad for optimal enjoyment. Saucisson De Lyon is free from hormones, antibiotics, nitrates, and any forms of artificial preservatives.


Love pithiviers? Try our Pork & Duck Pithiviers at home, featuring delicate pork forcemeat with cranberries, duck and foie gras, all wrapped in a homemade pastry dough. It is precooked and you will only need to reheat it for 20 minutes. The pie can be enjoyed whole or to share (1-2 servings).

3. Vegetable Quiche

We offer two different recipes of vegetable quiche. The first recipe comes with fresh tomato, spinach, goat cheese, and onions and the second one comes with fresh tomato, zucchini, and onions. The specialty is pre-cooked and can be enjoyed either chilled or can be reheated as per one’s preference.

Dufour Gourmet offers you two choices in terms of size: 1 large quiche for 3-4 servings (7” diameter) or small individual quiche ideal for a 1-person meal or to bring with you on a road trip!

4. Black Truffle Boudin Blanc

Black Truffle Boudin Blanc is a fully cooked traditional pork sausage mixed with black truffle and milk. This gourmet recipe has a smooth texture and will melt in your mouth. The black truffle blended with a medley of spices add a distinctive flavor and aroma to this delicious pork sausage. You will only need to reheat on a pan to color it and serve it with your favorite accompaniment.

5. Truffle Mousse

Truffle Mousse is a refined and creamy mousse offering amazing flavors. It is prepared according to a classic French recipe and flavored with black truffles. The main ingredients include fresh chicken livers, duck fat, black truffle and spices. It is the ideal spread for any special occasion. The mousse is ready to eat and should be stored in a refrigerated environment. 

6. Chef's Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken lovers, don’t settle for anything less than this delicious meal! The Chef’s Chicken Pot pie is a unique iteration of the classic pot pie dish featuring a creamy chicken preparation with green peas, mushrooms and a touch of black truffle to make it extra special. The top has a flaky pastry dough. The flavors are your main reason to try Dufour’s Chicken Pot Pie, the mix of each ingredient creates a rich aroma that is impossible to resist!

7. Chicken Breakfast Sausage (Pork Free)

Looking for a convenient and delicious breakfast option without the addition of pork? Look no further! We have the option for you! The Chicken Breakfast Sausage made from finely ground chicken with roasted onions and red peppers will be an ideal addition to your breakfast meal. Beautiful aroma is artfully created using a natural casing with the blend of rosemary, thyme and other spices.  This item is also a winner amongst kids! 

Top Benefits of Buying Food Online

  • Save time and resources. Your time and resources spent driving back and forth to the shop can be put into something else as you wait for your delivery. 
  • The digital platforms of online food shopping provide you with the ability to view all available deals and coupons, thus helping you stay within budget and review the final cost before confirming your transaction.
  • Reduce the likelihood of impulse buying and making unhealthy dietary choices in the heat of the moment which could have happened during an in-person shopping. Online shopping also gives you the luxury of evaluating different prices and the capacity of selecting the best meal plan to suit your dietary needs. The digital medium of online food-shopping offers a stress-free environment.  In contrast, the potentially stressful atmosphere of physical marketplaces can potentially induce impulsive buying and the purchase of expensive food. When it comes to online food buying, you are in control and you can take as much time as you need to make a purchase decision.
  • Online food purchasing enables you to utilize prior shopping history as a reference for future similar purchases.  An advanced platform will use AI and Machine Learning to make personalized recommendations based on your buying history.
  • Buying food online helps you plan your meals ahead of time. Whether you need pasta or seafood, you can shop and plan ahead. 
  • The overall customer experience is improved by the elimination of the pressing need to go to a restaurant while awaiting one’s meal. You get fast and immediate service.
  • You will be able to know what is in stock and make a selection of alternate edibles based on what’s available and what is not. You may also add your favorite dessert.  
  • You don’t have to navigate through long queues for you to make a checkout. Going to a food market, especially during peak hours, will force you to wait for an extensive period of time to complete your purchase. Online food buying eliminates these hindrances, the hustles and bustles are dismissed, allowing for a streamlined checkout process.
  • Quality and fresh produce. Multiple online food stores are trying to build and enhance their reputation to ensure customer satisfaction. Furthermore, no one wants a return of purchase.
  • You can shop at any time. You can make your selection even when the food market is closed and confirm the order when the store opens. This is convenient when you have a tight schedule and barely have no time to select what you need for your household. Same goes with the delivery, you can pick the time frame and day that works the best for you! 

    When you are a busy parent figuring out what your family will eat for breakfast, or what to cook for dinner, online food shopping is an ideal way to get food. No matter what time of the day it is, you are not restricted by working hours. You can order at night and your order will be shipped the next day. Online food stores have easy-to-navigate websites and with a couple of clicks your delivery is on the way. It offers multiple methods of payment that are secure and safe to use. The payment getaways are well encrypted to avoid any online threats. 

    If you are looking for the best online place to get Indian, Italian, French, or different world cuisines, there are plenty of online food retailers waiting for your order. While it is nice to ask for recommendations from Bon Appetit, online buying is undeniably convenient in giving suggestions and recommending the best specialty foods.

    Wrap Up!

    At Dufour Gourmet, you get the best handcrafted pâtés, specialty meats and sausages, available exclusively in the market. All food items follow traditional French recipes and are prepared using high-quality meat with fresh ingredients and well-balanced spices. Some cooking is required for the sausages but the rest can be enjoyed as it or with a quick reheating.

    Keep in mind that buying groceries online comes with additional shipping costs. Make sure that your information is correct and that your delivery address is accurate to avoid any unnecessary delivery delays.  Please ensure to always review the relevant details to enable us to serve you better and in a timely fashion. 

    Enjoy our fine French Cuisine! 

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